Our Cats

Please use the links below to see what cats we have available at Allerton Cat Rescue or the ones that have been temporarily fostered which need to find a loving home. Below you can also see if any Cats are missing and need to be found.

If you would like to visit us, need further information or know the whereabouts of a missing Cat, please contact us.


At Allerton cat rescue we are looking for lifelong permanent homes for our cats/kittens and you are confirming you will provide this to the best of your ability.

When you get home, your cat/kitten may be frightened initially and go hide underneath or behind something to feel more secure, this is normal behaviour, a good idea is to have the cat in one room with food water and litter tray till they become more accustomed to their new surroundings. They also may not eat/drink or use the litter tray for 24-48 hours, if this is the case you could try enticing with cooked chicken or cat treats, do not give cats cows milk.. Cats take different times to have confidence so give them time. Any queries please contact us on Facebook, by private message or email us. If you are introducing them to other pets again this may take time and please consider each cat is different and they may need to be in separate rooms and introduced slowly.

Please understand that we do not know the background of most of the cats that have come into the rescue and they may have come into contact with communicable disease. At the time of adoption the cat/kitten is presumed to be in a healthy condition suitable for adoption.

Please keep vaccinations, flea and worming treatment up to date, many vets provide discounted packages to cover this. Also seriously consider taking out pet insurance to cover unexpected vet bills.

Allerton Cat Rescue will cover the cost of any symptoms of cat flu to be treated only by our vet Terry Croud at Gatehouse Vets in Allerton once given permission from us at the rescue. This cover will be for a period of 2 weeks from the adoption date.

If your cat/kitten develops any of these symptoms

Repeated sneezing, coughing, runny eyes or nose please get in touch by private message via our Facebook page, ring the rescue or email us and we will advise you accordingly. We will not cover the cost of any treatment that is given at other vets.

After the first 14 days you agree that any veterinary costs for your adopted cat/kitten become your sole responsibility.

Find us on facebook :- Allerton Cat Rescue and Allerton Cat Rescue Selling Page

Email:- allertoncatrescue@hotmail.com

Web page:- allertoncatrescue.co.uk

We also have a Support Shop on , Victoria Road, Eccleshill , BD2 2BH and are always looking for items to sell here to raise funds , please consider us if you are having a clear out and get in touch, we need , Clothes, DVDs , CDs , Toys , Handbags, Bric a Brac, Jewellery, Console games.

If you wish to make a donation as a one off please do so via PayPal (friends and family so no charge) to


Thank You and enjoy your new furbaby