Our Vets

Allerton Cat Rescue is very fortunate to have the support of Gatehouse Veterinary Group The practice now has branches in Allerton, Bingley and Haworth. The Allerton branch is located just around the corner from the rescue within 5 minutes walking distance.

Gatehouse Group and their specialist staff examine treat and spay/neuter our cats, often at short notice and also understand that we may not have the funds readily available. This means we are able to give much needed/emergency treatment. We are very grateful to them for offering this often lifesaving and invaluable service.

At Gatehouse Vets like us, are very reluctant to put to sleep any animal that could look forward to a happy and healthy future.

To remain completely impartial, it would be appropriate to mention that there are many other professional veterinary practices in the Bradford area and West Yorkshire region which may be more convenient to your location. We have no experience of the majority of these, so we can offer no personal recommendation.