Meet Basmati (aka Baz), he is a 4yr old neutered tuxedo. All vaccs up to date, microchipped and comes with full vet history. One very distraught owner who had no other choice than to rehome him. He is a pleasant boy who occasionally likes to get his own way as documented below. Needs to be rehomed preferably as an only cat or maybe with 1 other less dominant cat and no children.

Message from previous owner

Keith E Rice I’m his distraught ex. Still crying yesterday! A wonderful cat that I miss terribly. He has a nervy disposition and can be impulsive/unpredictable which makes him unsuitable to be with small children or people who are timid with cats. Baz is an independent cat who very much chooses when he wants to interact with humans. However, he can be very affectionate and, in the mood, will stand up to 15 minutes being stroked/petted (in different positions – eg: neck, head, back, belly – to avoid over stimulation of any one body area). He will actively seek out the human to get that affection – perhaps several times per day. When being affectionate, if standing, he will wrap his tail around the human’s arm or leg. He likes being outside a lot but he almost always likes to make contact with/have acknowledgement from his owner(s) when he first comes in. Often he will not eat after coming in until he has first made contact with the human(s). If the human is in another part of the house, Baz will often loiter there until the human escorts him to his food. It’s almost as if he has to have permission! For someone who likes a sparky and interesting but affectionate cat and can be both firm and loving with him,he will make a great pet. Get that match right…and I’m jealous already!

Re homed with Minnie 10/06/15 Keith was so delighted.